Electric Furnace Lift Cylinder

An Electric Furnace Lift Cylinder is a specialized hydraulic or pneumatic actuator designed for the heavy-duty lifting and precise positioning of an electric furnace's lid or cover during the process of loading, temperature regulation, and maintenance. This component is essential for ensuring safe and efficient access to the furnace interior while maintaining the necessary heat and containment. Constructed from high-temperature resistant materials and engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of a smelting or foundry environment, the lift cylinder operates under strict controls to handle the substantial weight and heat stress associated with metallurgical processes.


The Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder is a powerful hydraulic tool designed to facilitate the lifting and lowering of the lid on an electric furnace. Engineered to deliver a high level of heavy-duty performance, this cylinder is powered by an electric motor that pumps hydraulic fluid into the cylinder, extending the piston rod. The piston rod's connection to the furnace lid ensures that when the rod extends, the lid is lifted.

These lifting cylinders are utilized across a range of industries, including metalworking, glassmaking, and ceramics. They play an integral role in promoting safe and efficient operation of electric furnaces.

Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder

Specifications of Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder

Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder
Bore diameter 100mm
Rod diameter 70
Pressure 14MPa
Thrust force Maximum 53KN

Why Should You Opt for Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder?

The Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder is designed to provide a plethora of advantages:

  • Safety: They offer a secure and controlled manner of raising and lowering the lid of an electric furnace, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Efficiency: They can rapidly and effortlessly raise and lower the lid of an electric furnace, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the furnace operation.
  • Durability: They are crafted to endure the extreme conditions of an electric furnace environment. Manufactured from high-quality materials, they are built to last.

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Where Can Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder Be Applied?

The Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder finds its applications in various industries, such as steelmaking, aluminum smelting, glassmaking, waste incineration, and power generation. Here are some examples of its use in different industries:

  • In the steelmaking industry, it is used to lift the roof of electric arc furnaces, enabling the furnace to be charged with scrap metal and other raw materials.
  • In the aluminum smelting industry, it is used to lift the lid of electrolytic cells, allowing the cells to be loaded with alumina and other raw materials.
  • In the glassmaking industry, it is used to lift the roof of glass melting furnaces, allowing the furnaces to be charged with sand, soda ash, and other raw materials.

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  • Q: What industries can the Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder be used in?A: The Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder can be used in industries like steelmaking, aluminum smelting, and glassmaking among others.
  • Q: Why should I choose Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder?A: The Electric Furnace Lifting Cylinder promotes safety, efficiency, and durability in operations. It is a reliable and long-lasting solution for various industries.

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