Mining Dump Truck Lift Cylinder

Mining Dump Truck Lift Cylinder is a vital hydraulic component in large mining trucks, enabling the controlled lifting and lowering of the dump bed for efficient unloading of materials. Its robust design, hydraulic power, and safety features make it an essential part of the mining operations, contributing to productivity and safety in the industry.


The vital role of a lifting cylinder in a mining dump truck cannot be overstated. This hydraulic component plays a crucial part in lifting and lowering the truck's bed. Withstanding heavy loads is a key requirement, given the rigorous nature of mining operations.

These lifting cylinders, manufactured from high-strength steel, are built to withstand high pressures. They are also equipped with various features to enhance their durability and performance, such as:

  • Hard chrome plating: This feature protects the piston rod from wear and tear and corrosion.
  • Self-lubricating seals: These seals help to reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of the cylinder.
  • Heavy-duty bearings: These bearings support the piston rod and absorb shock loads.

Lifting Cylinder for Mining Dump Truck

Diverse Specifications to Suit Your Specific Needs

Lifting cylinders for mining dump trucks come in various sizes and capacities, depending on the dump truck's size and payload. Some of our largest lifting cylinders can lift up to 100 tons or more.

Lifting Cylinders
Application: Lift/lower the body for cargo dumping
Specification: Bore diameter120mm?F380mm

Rod diameter90mm?F350mm

Generally two-stage or three-stage cylinder

Understanding the Working Mechanism of Our Lifting Cylinder

The hydraulic pump in the dump truck's hydraulic system supplies pressurized hydraulic fluid to the lifting cylinder. This fluid enters the cylinder and pushes against the piston, causing it to extend and raise the bed of the dump truck. To lower the bed, the hydraulic pump reverses the fluid flow, leading to the piston's retraction.

Experience the Benefits of Our Lifting Cylinders

Our lifting cylinders offer numerous benefits for mining dump trucks:

  • Increased lifting capacity: Lifting cylinders can lift heavier loads than other lifting mechanisms, such as cables and pulleys. This capability is crucial for mining dump trucks that need to transport and dump large quantities of material.
  • Faster lifting and lowering: Our cylinders can lift and lower the truck's bed much faster than other lifting mechanisms, allowing for quick and efficient unloading.
  • Improved safety: The reliability and safety of lifting cylinders make them ideal for mining dump trucks that operate in hazardous environments.

Mining Dump Truck Cylinder

Choose Our Hydraulic Cylinder for Optimal Performance and Reliability

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Lift Cylinder Factory


Q: What is the lifting capacity of your cylinders?

A: Our largest lifting cylinders can lift up to 100 tons or more, but the specific lifting capacity depends on the size and model of the cylinder.

Q: Can the lifting cylinders be used in other types of trucks?

A: Yes, our lifting cylinders can be used in various types of trucks, but they are specifically designed to withstand the heavy loads and high pressures associated with mining operations.

Q: How can I contact you for more information or to place an order?

A: You can reach out to us via the Contact us link on our webpage. Our team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or orders.