Jack-up Offshore Platform Lift Cylinder

The Lift Cylinder in a Jack-up Offshore Platform is a robust hydraulic device integral to adjusting the platform's height above sea level. It ensures stability and safety by extending or retracting the platform's legs, allowing it to "jack up" above the waves for operations or to lower onto the seafloor for transit. Constructed to withstand corrosive marine environments and high-pressure conditions, this lift cylinder is critical for the platform's adaptability to varying ocean depths and weather conditions.


Jack-up offshore platform lifting cylinders are a class of hydraulic cylinders primarily used for elevating and descending the legs of an offshore platform. Attached to the ring beam, a circular structure encompassing the platform's hull, these cylinders work in conjunction with the braces that link the legs to the beam.

Once the hydraulic cylinders are set in motion, the piston rods extend and exert an upward force on the ring beam. This action causes the legs to rotate and extend downwards, thereby lifting the platform above the waterline. Conversely, when the cylinders are pulled back, the rods retract, drawing the ring beam downwards and causing the legs to rotate and retract upwards, bringing the platform back to the seabed.

Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder

Specifications of Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder

These lifting cylinders are robust and large, with bore diameters reaching up to 700mm and rod diameters up to 420mm. They are designed to endure the severe offshore conditions, withstanding high loads and exposure to saltwater and corrosive chemicals.

Lifting Cylinder
Application Enabling the elevation and descent of the platform via ring beam manipulation
Bore diameter up to 700mm
Rod diameter up to 420mm
Stroke up to 2150mm
Pressure up to 32MPa
Sensor An external displacement sensor can be fitted to meet the needs of maintenance and replacement of the sensor without disassembling the cylinders

Features of Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder

  • High lifting capacity: These lifting cylinders are designed to lift heavy loads, up to several thousand tons. This is necessary to elevate the platform's legs above the waterline and support the weight of the platform and its equipment.
  • Durability: These cylinders are designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions, including high loads, saltwater, and corrosive chemicals. They are typically made of high-strength materials and have special coatings to protect them from corrosion.
  • Reliability: As any failure could lead to the platform collapsing, these lifting cylinders must be extremely reliable. They are typically designed with multiple safety features and are subject to rigorous testing before being installed on a platform.

Jack-up Offshore Platform

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